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Do you want to make your community more sustainable?

We have teams of talented students and professionals ready to support you!

You and your community can benefit from over 1,500 hours of pro-bono sustainability support.

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We want to support your community!

We work with communities around the world to tackle the complex sustainability challenges they are facing.

We deliver both virtual and in-person experiential education programs that empower individuals from all around the world to support local communities tackle their sustainability challenges.

During the program, ten or more teams of participants work with each community with the goal of supporting local efforts to become more sustainable. Through extensive research and interviews with local leaders and stakeholders, participants learn about the community's unique social, environmental and economic challenges. The teams then co-develop innovative and implementable solutions for the challenges in collaboration with community stakeholders.

We are eager to connect with individuals striving to tackle their community's sustainability challenges... and who are open to engaging with students and early-career professionals keen to support them. Becoming a community stakeholder requires as little as three hours of your time. In return, our programs provide you with passionate teams of participants who want to support and accelerate sustainable change.

The community experience

During our programs, you and other stakeholders from your community engage directly with teams of participants. You provide them with iterative feedback about the sustainability challenges your community is facing, and the feasibility of the ideas they co-develop with you, to ensure that the ideas you receive are grounded in reality.

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How to get involved

Every community and its needs are unique. We would love to connect with you to understand how our programs can best support you and your community's journey towards becoming more sustainable.

Please register your interest and a member of our team will respond to you directly.

How to get involved
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