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Are you driven to
change the world?

With us, you can develop the skills and global networks you need!

Changing the world is a team sport.

We're here to help you find your team.

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Our programs

Several times a year we run one-week experiential programs that are open to students and early-career professionals from around the world. Click here to see the dates of our Upcoming Programs and explore which ones align with your time zone.

Our Learning Journey

Every How to Change the World program guides participants like you through the same overarching Learning Journey — one that over 6,500 participants have experienced since 2014.

Our fully-virtual programs

Our fully virtual programs will provide you with a global network while empowering you to tackle real-world sustainability and innovation challenges from the comfort and safety of your home.

Your experience

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Work with diverse colleagues

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Be guided by global experts


Tackle real-world challenges

Develop future proof skills

You will meet and work in a team with exceptional colleagues from a broad range of backgrounds, disciplines, and geographies.

Your team will be guided by a diverse team of world-class educators, and mentored by a global network of leading experts.


From human-centred design to digital collaboration, you will develop the mindsets, skills and ability to thrive in a dynamic world.

Your team will explore and tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with real local communities and stakeholders

Support local communities

Throughout the program, you and your team will engage with local leaders and stakeholders to co-develop innovative ideas that can have a real impact on the sustainability challenges their community is facing.

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Once you complete our program, you gain lifelong access to our growing global community

We are building a diverse global community on the principles of continuous learning, collaboration and professional development. All alumni of our programs are warmly welcomed to join and co-develop the community with us.

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Meet diverse colleagues from around the world, engage in conversations to share your experience and knowledge, and collaborate with new teammates to make a lasting impact.


Discover opportunities

Our growing community helps you discover new ways to take your ideas forward and have the impact you want – from finding a new job to discovering partners that can help you build your new venture.



From guided learning experiences, to mentorship from experienced colleagues, to peer-to-peer learning opportunities – we work with our community members to foster a culture of continuous learning.

Are you ready to change the world?

What participants think

“The focus on falling in love with the problem, not the solution, is unique to How to Change the World."


"I realized the broader applications of engineering and I would like to work towards becoming a leader to be able to forge the future."


“I learned a great deal about how public policy, public support, and private interests must interact to achieve change."


“I learned how to work through real complex problems and received guidance from people who do this on a regular basis.”

“This program teaches not only the theory, but also the practical aspects of starting a career in sustainable entrepreneurship.”

Since 2014, we have had more than

6,500 participants 


would recommend the program to their friends and colleagues.


rated the program one of their most valuable educational experiences.


self-reported significant improvement in their digital collaboration and communication skills.


self-reported significant improvement in their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Data from February and March 2021 programs 

What experts think

Are yo ready to chage the world?
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How you can get involved

A wide range of organisations – higher education institutions, companies, government agencies, professional networks, student groups, etc – all frequently partner with us to send their students and employees to our programs. Individuals are also warmly welcome to apply directly to attend one of our programs.

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