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What can you do
in two hours?

With us, you can help
change the world!

The next generation of sustainability leaders need guidance from people like you!

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Your involvement in our program 

How to Change the World is an experiential education program that empowers people, organizations and communities to collaboratively tackle our world’s most important challenges... and achieve lasting impact!

Our Sustainability & Innovation Mentors play a critical role in our programs. At several points throughout every program, we have intense two-hour 'Mentor Sessions' during which Mentors meet with participants.

During each 'Mentor Session,' every participating Mentor meets with a series of small teams to discuss what the teams are working on. 

You will connect with dozens of participants, answer their questions and guide them towards feasible solutions.

As a mentor, you will... 

Mentor the next generation

You will connect with dozens of participants, answer their questions and guide them towards feasible solutions.

Need just two hours to create lasting impact

You only need to commit two hours. Of course, our mentors love it so much, they always come back!

Join our global community of sustainability leaders

You will gain access to our extensive network of mentors, educators and alumni from around the world. After all, changing the world is a team sport.

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Be inspired by new ideas

You are encouraged to share and use the dozens of new ideas generated by our innovative participants.

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Recruit potential new talent

You can connect with hundreds of highly skilled participants who are looking to start a career in sustainability.


When you complete our program, you join our growing global community

We are building a diverse global community on the principles of continuous learning, collaboration and professional development. All alumni of our programs – including Sustainability and Innovation Professionals – are warmly welcomed to join and co-develop the community with us.

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You can meet diverse colleagues from around the world, engage in conversations to share experience and knowledge, and collaborate with new colleagues to make a lasting impact.


Discover opportunities

From developing innovative entrepreneurial ideas or research projects to finding new career paths, our growing community will help you discover ways to make the impact that you are seeking.



Through involvement in our community -- from guided learning to mentorship from experienced colleagues or peer-to-peer learning opportunities -- our community members work together to foster a culture of continuous learning.

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Are you ready to change the world?

Find out how you can mentor the next generation of leaders

Our challenges

We help communities around the world tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Each team of participants is assigned to help make a specific community more sustainable. We frame these challenges using the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Through independent research and interviews with Local Stakeholders, participants learn about the community's unique sustainability challenges. The teams then begin developing implementable solutions for the challenges. 

Mentors help guide participants through our experiential Learning Journey. Sustainability Mentors provide guidance around a broad range of environmental, social and economic issues. Meanwhile, Innovation Mentors help participants hone their ideas into implementable and scalable solutions with positive impact.


Take a look at the amazing ideas from our participants!

San José,
Costa Rica

See the winning design portfolio

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See the winning design portfolio

How to get involved

What the experience looks like...

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